Stop the Darting!

The Pacific Whale Watch Association (PWWA) calls for an immediate moratorium on NOAA Fisheries' dart-tagging of endangered Southern Resident orcas following death of L95, or Nigel (above), a critical breeding age member of the population. Scientists are concerned that invasive dart-tagging in February of this year may have contributed to his death. Photo: Dave Ellifrit, Center for Whale Research.

“We don’t know yet if this dart-tagging had anything to do with L95’s death, but it certainly didn’t help,” Michael Harris, PWWA executive director, said in the release. “It’s also not needed. It follows a long pattern we’ve seen from NOAA Fisheries, this eagerness to go out and collect mountains of data and then never get around to analyzing it.”

Orca Satellite Tagging Halted After Dart Found in Dead Whale: Concerns Raised After Parts of a Titanium Dart Found in Dorsal Fin of Dead Whale
Mike Laanela, CBC News  / April 16, 2016

Orca Tagging Program on Hold After Dead Whale Found in B.C. 
Leeanna McLean, The Weather Channel  / April 16, 2016

Two Recently Found Dead Orcas Determined to be from Southern Resident Population: The Pacific Whale Watch Association is calling for an immediate moratorium on the dart-tagging of the Southern Resident Orcas
Anacortes American  / April 15, 2016

Scientist Blasts ‘Overly Barbaric’ Orca Tagging System
Andrew Weichel, CTV News  / April 15, 2016

Another Female Calf Raises Hopes for Endangered Orca Population (see "Our Baby Orcas are Mostly Males. That Has Scientists Freaked Out" 4/1/16)
Mike Laanela, CBC News  / April 15, 2016


The Pacific Whale Watch Association Applauds Decision Today to Remove Antiquated Dams Along Klamath River, Restoring Major Salmon Source for Southern Resident Orcas. 

“We’re starting to get it right after so many years of getting it wrong,” said Gov. Jerry Brown (above). “What a beautiful day.”

VICTORY! Historic Agreement Clears Way for Removal of Klamath River Dams
Lacey Jarrell, Klamath Falls Herald & News  / April 7, 2016